Working with the back

I treat:

  • acute back pain, such as ischialgia (sciatic pain), lumbago, herniated disk
  • hardening of the shoulders and neck
  • defective position of the spine
  • oblique pelvis position (scoliosis) due to alleged deviation of length of the legs
  • headache
  • migraine
  • tinnitus
  • chronic back pain

The malpositions can be corrected through the soft treatment of the spine and the hardenings are loosened through massage.

Patients who suffer from heavy pain will find relief after a few treatments. Frequently, there is more to the pain than diagnosis alone will suggest. Through exploration of the current life situation, factors which can lead to stress and mental strain can be detected and altered.

I set a high value on body perception and relaxation. That way, potential causes and symptoms can be experienced through interior attentiveness. Loosening the blockades and relaxation through personal contact frequently bring out physical and/or mental stresses and strains. These can then be consciously perceived and altered in everyday life.

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